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Board of Directors

Trinity Girls Network has a diverse, committed group of individuals joined together to carry out the critical work of reducing hunger, establishing a home and mentoring programs in the community. Our Board of Directors are well respected community leaders who are passionate about our mission of Helping Hands Helping Just One. They are bold advocates for

  • Reducing Hunger in the community
  • Establishing Transitional Homes
  • Mentoring Programs for Women and Young Girls

TGN is a non- profit organization that has been working with young people of different ethnic and economic back-grounds since 2016. TVS Internships are for youth and young professionals interested in building their foundations for leadership roles and participation on world issues.

  • Aging
  • Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
  • Child Rights
  • Disarmament
  • Education
  • Economics & Finance Freedom of Religion or Belief
  • HIV/AIDS Human Rights Health & Mental Health
  • Social Development
  • Women Issues
  • Sustainable Development
  • Youth International Affairs

Dr. Jacqueline Mohair

Board Members
Ms. Lawanda Reese Sanford
Dr. H.T. Mohair
Dr. Alfie James

Advisory Board
Dr. Jude Maduka

Dr. Chanita Foster

Ms. Calvaniece Mason