International Youth Day

The United Nations established International Youth Day on August 12 each year to recognize efforts and achievements of the world’s youth in enhancing the global society

Senate Resolution 1125

United Nations Women Day

United Nations International Women’s Day commemorates the role of ordinary women in making a difference in history and is rooted in the centuries-old struggle of women4participating in society on an equal footing with men;

House Resolution 1662

Human Trafficiking

The House of Representatives and the State of Georgia recognize January 8, 2018 as UN Human Trafficking Awareness Day. In which programs aligned with theses endorsements are targeted to prevent sex and labor trafficking.

House Resolution 1649

Girls Empowerment Day

Establishing Girls Empowerment Month for the month February.

Senate Resolution 544

Christian Ambassadors Day

A day set aside to honor Christian Ambassadors along with several organizations.

Senate Resolution 112 6

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